5 Amazon product title optimization tips

As you know the importance of creating the right product title, it’s time to optimize your product titles. Here are five tips to help you start in the right direction.



1. Make your titles descriptive

If you want to see success with your product, you must be descriptive in the title. It’s crucial that you provide your audience with valuable and relevant information that entices them to click on your listing.

As stated previously, your title is one of the first things your audience sees. You want to provide them with enough information to get them interested in your product. Making a descriptive title will help you harness those leads and draw them in to your listing.

So, what type of information should you include in your title?

This will depend upon your type of product. Generally, you’ll want to provide information about the brand, description of the product, the line or collection, the materials or ingredients, color, size, and quantity. This is all important information that your audience wants to know.

2. Integrate keywords

When you’re optimizing your title, you must include relevant keywords. Keywords help you appear in relevant search results with related products. It is crucial that you choose the right keywords for your listing so you can appear before relevant leads.

To find the right keywords for your products, conduct keyword research. Keyword research provides you with a list of potential keywords you can use for your product listing. From this list of keywords, you’ll choose the ones that work best for your product.

If you’ve ever run an SEO campaign, you’re probably familiar with conducting keyword research with a Google-focused keyword too. It’s important to note that Google keyword research is different than Amazon keyword research.

When you optimize for Google, you’re optimizing based on providing relevant information, while Amazon’s optimizations are focused on pushing out the best products and getting people to convert.

To ensure you choose the right keywords for your Amazon product title, use an Amazon keyword tool. Tools like Sonar are readily available to your business and can help you establish relevant keywords for your listing.

You can also use Amazon’s predicted search to find relevant keywords. This shows you what people are already searching on Amazon’s site. It’s a great way to help you focus on keywords that will attract relevant leads.

Once you find your keywords, you’ll want to integrate the most valuable one at the beginning of your title. This ensures that your site is indexed for that particular keyword. It means you will appear in that particular, relevant search result.

As you integrate keywords, don’t overdo it. This practice is known as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing won’t help your listing rank higher or appear in more relevant results. In fact, you only need to integrate your keywords once to rank for them.

3. Focus on user intent

When you’re optimizing your title, think about your audience. These are the people who will click on your listing and purchase your product. What are they hoping to find?

Don’t just create a product title to have one. Think about your audience and what they hope to find when conducting a query using your keywords. What information would help inform them and lead them to choose your business’s product?

It’s easy to think like a marketer or business owner and input information that you want to sell people on, but you must think like a buyer and consider information that matters to product keywords example

4. Avoid fluff

Many businesses try to fluff up their product titles and put irrelevant information in them. Considering that the amazon product title character limit is 200, you don’t want to waste valuable space on irrelevant terms.

Avoid phrases such as “Best seller” or “No. 1 seller.” They are subjective, and your audience will be leery as to why you’re pushing that information in your title (considering Amazon tags products separately with best seller badges).

Don’t include promotions in the title. If you’re constantly changing your title and updating it with the latest promotion, your page will never properly rank. Not to mention, your promotion doesn’t have anything to do with what the product is and how it works.

To create the best title, keep it simple and focus directly on describing different attributes of the product.

5. Follow best practices

There are a few common best practices you’ll want to follow when optimizing your Amazon product title. Here are a few of them:

  1. Capitalize the first letter of each word
  2. Spell out measurements (pound, inch, etc.)
  3. Use numerals for numbers, not spelled out (7 vs. seven)
  4. Don’t use an ampersand (&) unless it’s part of the product or company’s name – spell out the word and

These best practices will help put you on the fast track to optimizing your Amazon product title to drive better results for your business.

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