Simple Ways to Maintain a Good Seller Rating on Marketplaces

Experts say that for online sellers, it is very important to maintain good seller ratings. Major part of online customers goes ahead with products that have good reviews and ratings. With the increase in online shopping these online marketplaces have become super competitive, and maintaining a good rank in them can be a rigorous task.
them can be a rigorous task.

To make things simpler for you, we have integrated some simple ways for maintaining good seller rating on the online platforms after discussing with a few experts –

Strategize your plans after understanding the platform – Before making plans to make further progress, it is very important to understand the ways in which the respective platform works. Every system has its own ways for maintaining the ratings of the sellers like –
Google works as an advertiser which quantifies the reviews from the third-party review sites which are of course trusted ones and then gives them a score out of 5. The parameters which are used by google on which it measures the success include click-through rate, dwell time, etc.

Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart work on a different concept. They allow the users to rate and review the seller which in turn gets added in the net rating of the respective seller and then it is displayed as the credential of the seller. Sales platforms like these measure success in terms of sales, revenue generated, and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Key to Good Ratings – Impress and Please Your Customers –

When you are able to impress your customers, you will be automatically able to get better ratings from them. There are some simple things which experts recommend to achieve it, some of them are –
On- time Delivery
Time to time Updating your customers through notifications
Maintaining good product and packaging quality
Be ready to accept product returns.

Ask for feedback after successful delivery –

While asking for feedback, it is quite important to be respectful, polite, and understanding towards the customer. Make the feedback process a bit fun and as short as possible otherwise they would like to skip it.
Make the feedback template unobtrusive and attractive to appropriately target all customers. Mostly the customers who buy things from you repeatedly will provide you with positive feedback.

Provide good customer support –

It is sometimes tough for the new customers to deal with this virtual shopping world, so when you provide a good and genuine customer support customer feels relieved and successful. It also gives a sense of genuineness and trustworthiness towards your brand.

Incorporate these simple things in your online brand on these platforms to get better seller ratings and to get more assistance about it, kindly contact us.

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