Simple Ways to Keep Negative Reviews at Bay

For every online seller, negative reviews are like the worst nightmares. They are even considered as personal attacks on the business owners and their brand by their competitors to defame them. Nowadays, anyone who does online shopping spends time doing enough research and reading the product and supplier reviews to make the appropriate decision before buying. So, if any customer encounters negativity, they try to escape and look for other options.

Below are a few tactics that will help you in reducing negative customer reviews and increasing the positive ones. 

  1. Don’t give customers a chance to complain – Being a seller, mistakes are unavoidable. The best method to avoid negative reviews is by providing impeccable service. But the most important thing to keep in mind in reference to best service is maintaining the statistics where plots of good service are higher in number as compared to those of poor service. So, always try to provide excellent customer service.
  2. Never feel bad to apologize – Before giving any reaction to a bad review, try to find the root cause behind it. The key to this step is to understand the behavioral economics that why someone is putting such scorching comments about your brand. An audacious apology helps in nullifying the feelings of grudge. A sincere, simple apology makes the customer feel heard and calms down, which in turn might help you in getting rid of future bad reviews.
  3. Be available to your customers 24 by 7 – Social media is an important player in both, building and damaging online reputation. On your website, social media pages create buttons, especially for complaint/ grievance redressal. Be quick in answering any customer queries and complaints. Whenever you encounter any negative online conversation over the site or pages, join in and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Whatever once posted on the internet stays there as long as your brand! So, be careful and be prompt about everything
  4. Never miss a chance to collect honest and valuable feedback – Make your online system customer-friendly and keep looking for what your customers liked about your service, what they didn’t. Never feel afraid to publish the positive feedback that you receive while collecting customer reviews. Try to keep in touch with your customers and ask them for their honest feedback which will help you in growing in every aspect. Improve your customer service using a multichannel inventory management system which allows the automatic sending of emails to customers and works as reminders for them!
  5. Keep tracking your online reputation and growth – Keep an eye on your online brand value by using the tools and by keeping a sharp tracker of all kinds of reviews. Keep yourself active on social media platforms and be in touch with professional circles which are related to your industry to keep yourself updated. Build strong and positive online relationships that can defend your brand at times and when required.
  6. Learn to deal with the negative reviews – Few negative reviews are and will always be a part of every online business. Don’t get hyper when you see any negative feedback instead try to deal with your discontented customers first. This will help you in converting a few negative reviews into positive ones and slowly your online reputation will also start improving.    

If you start practicing the things which we have shared with you while dealing with the negative reviews, you will see things coming to a better side. For personal guidance on how to maintain a good Seller Rating and for increasing your online brand value, contact us.

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