Let’s learn about Flipkart Fulfilment and how you can use it

As an online seller, one should be aware of all the benefits and opportunities available.

Flipkart Fulfilment which was previously known as Flipkart Advantage is an add-on benefit for its sellers to use Flipkart’s third-party warehouse and shipping services.

Suppose yourself a business availing the Flipkart advantage, you just need to ship the products in bulk to Flipkart operated warehouse (Fulfilment center) and the rest will be done by them. When orders will be received, Flipkart FC will do the required work, i.e., they will pack the product and ships them to buyers. If there will be any returns, whether from courier company or from the buyer, Flipkart FC itself will handle it.


Another benefit of using Flipkart Fulfilment is your products get an ‘Assured’ badge and rank better in search results. Customers also prefer the Assured badge products.

It is amazing if you are already using it but if you are new to this, let us help you out. (please add a call to action at let us help you out)

Let’s learn a few things about Flipkart Fulfilment –

  • Flipkart Fulfilment can be used by?
  1. Businesses that do not have their warehouse facilities/ or in metropolitan cities.
  2. Businesses that serve B2B shipments only and cannot help with daily B2C shipments on their own.
  3. It can be used by those businesses that find it difficult to build and train their warehouse team.
  • Register process for Flipkart Fulfilment –

Until now, Flipkart Fulfilment is an invitation-only service. It offers its FA services after reviewing the seller’s performance proactively. However, you can contact your business account manager or seller support team to ask your queries on which they will get back to you.

Below are the steps to register for Flipkart Fulfilment:

  1. If you are signing up as a seller –
    • First of all, express interest in FF (Flipkart Seller Portal > Manage Profile > Flipkart Fulfilment)
    • If you get approval, then register for Flipkart Fulfilment.
    • Create a list of the items you want to drop at Flipkart Fulfilment Centre by following the appropriate procedure.
    • Ship products to Flipkart Fulfilment Centre.
    • After this, Flipkart conducts a quality check. If your products pass the QC stage, FC will store your products.
    • Once orders arrive, FK will take care of the rest.
    • Payments are settled as per the regular payment cycle.
  • How to ship products to Flipkart Fulfilment Center?

First, log in to the Flipkart seller panel. Further, you can follow the step-by-step process for creating a consignment with the help of the user-friendly panel of FC.

  • How to view the inventory in the Flipkart warehouse?

You can check your product’s inventory in the inventory section of the Flipkart Seller Panel. The products with an ‘Assured’ badge are available in the Flipkart FC.

  • How to recall products from the Flipkart warehouse?

There may be some products that FC would have classified as unsellable, which you would like to recall from the Flipkart warehouse.
To recall the products, follow these simple steps-
Seller Panel > Inventory > All Inventory > Bulk Recall (dropdown) > Download Bulk Recall File > Fill the file > Upload Bulk Recall File.

Flipkart FC can prove to be a boon for your business. Get in touch with us to get more information about it/to get started with Flipkart FC.

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