Know how One Day Delivery can boost your Online Business

Running an online business isn’t that easy as it seems. When it comes to product delivery in an online marketplace, it is best to follow the golden rule “faster the better”. Customers usually consider the average product delivery time is 5-6 business days. But sometimes unexpected circumstances and emergencies lead to demand for faster delivery; few marketplaces have stepped up in the race of product delivery by taking a maximum of 1-2 business days or even less.

Below are enlisted a few benefits of one day delivery for online sellers – 

  • Chance to run ahead of your competitors – 

One-day delivery is a great relief. With this service, you will move a step ahead of your competitors. This would help the buyers to try your products in a short period and if they don’t like any of the purchased items, can return them quickly with your fast pick-up services. This streamlined process would lead to high satisfaction among customers and eventually, you will have an edge over your competitors. 

  • Hassle- free Inventory management – 

Early delivery of goods leads to early stock clearance, which may result in minimized use of money and time in holding stock for a long duration. As your stock gets easily dispatched, you can easily notify the suppliers about your requirements and can get restocked immediately, reducing your margin of safety inventory (safety inventory means keeping extra stock aside so that you never run out of products). This will also enable you to keep a broader range of products as your burden will get reduced in terms of money and time.

  • Large Sells, Better Earnings – 

Nowadays, customers want everything quickly and more smoothly. The quicker you deliver, the better it would be for your brand image. When you can make more sales, you can earn more in that period. With the one-day delivery program, you can easily reduce the product delivery time and other expenses which will lead to better profit margins.

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity – 

When deadlines are shortened with this one-day delivery service, you and your team will start working harder and in a smarter way, with more efficiency. These things will increase your overall productivity and efficiency. It will improve your brand image in the digital market, increasing your chances of surviving effectively in the E-commerce world.

There are certain things that can halt the success of same day/one-day delivery service – 

  • One-day delivery increases the cost of online merchandise.
  • Faster delivery service remains limited to a few cities as supply networks are not strong enough currently.
  • One-day delivery is expensive and requires proper research and time to understand it properly.

However, many online sites that have started this service are making huge sales and good profits. So read, learn and understand it and then implement and avail potential benefits of one-day delivery services. For further assistance, contact us.

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