10 Signs That Say You Need to Revise Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

If you’re new to the e-commerce world and already have a successful business running then what you need to have is a smart e-commerce marketing strategy in order to make your business successful and profitable digitally as well.
If you are already following some online marketing strategy and still not getting desirable results here, I have penned down 10 signs that say you need to revise your E-commerce marketing strategy.

  1. Low Rates of Conversion :-

One of the most prominent signs that say you need to revise your E-commerce marketing strategy is low rates of conversion. Statistics say that 70%-90% of visitors leave the website and do not return for several reasons which lead to poor sales. It is true that reasons for low conversion rates vary for different businesses however, your marketing strategies can be one of the most vital reasons. The reason for poor sales firstly includes what you are offering is not fulfilling the customer’s requirements. Besides this, another major factor is poor navigation. Other than these there may be a list of reasons which you need to find and resolve to improve your conversion rates.

2. Targeting Wrong Audience :-

According to recent studies, it is best to keep your ideal customers in mind while doing business online. It happens with most of the online businesses that they don’t meet their true customer instead just random scrollers, which is a sign of failing in your marketing strategies. In order to successfully run a business online, you need to discover and understand your ideal customers as well as the customer’s requirements. Ideal solution to this problem is to research deeper, understand market segmentation and different marketing tactics.

3. Failure in Targeting :-

Offering high-quality product or service yet, you didn’t manage to reach your customers? Well, it is a very common issue since most of the marketers face this situation. But why does this happen? Well 93% of online queries start from a search but when you limit your marketing strategies within one or two platforms this issue arises. Extensive reachability will increase the probability of targeting your actual audience. Hence, paying attention to your targeting tactics can get you high sales.

4. Loss of Potential Customers :-

Every business has its potential customers and if it is losing them, there can be multiple reasons behind it. From poor service to degradation in quality of products and from post-purchase service and behavior to decrease in brand value, these are on the list of reasons for loss of customers. Whatever the reason is, the only thing is one needs to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Since everyone likes variations and modifications, one needs to work harder on their brand. Make the best out of your business so your customers don’t switch to other brands.

5. Less Traffic than What is Expected!

Increase in the sales and conversions totally depend upon your website traffic. So, what would you do if you are not getting enough traffic? Firstly, you need to analyze your website to find out the weak points.

The top reasons behind poor traffic can be – 

 A) Irrelevant/outdated keywords, broken or bad quality links or redirects, competition, site speed and poor navigation, incomplete knowledge of latest marketing trends etc.

 B) First and foremost thing you need to start doing to improve your conversion rates is to pay proper attention to the latest marketing trends.

6. Poor ROI (Rate of Investment) :-

ROI depends on size and type of business and its cost structure. But poor ROI is a sign of failure in your marketing strategy. To acquire better results, you need to find weak and strong points of the strategies that you are following. Calculating ROI is not as hard as it may seem to you, you need to calculate only two things, i.e, the cost and benefit for estimating ROI.

7. No presence in SERPs :-

If your customers are finding it difficult to find your business on the first page of search engines then it can lead to huge loss in your sales. Optimizing the website for SERPs is crucial since Google and other search engines always try to provide the most relevant results so even a minor mistake made by you can drop your ranking. Hence, you need to fix all such errors that are affecting your website rank.

8. Less or Poor Reviews :-

Customer reviews play an important role in attracting customers and for search engines too. It is a fact that people trust websites which have genuine reviews. Everyone wants to know about other’s experiences before making any purchase to know about the authenticity of business. Hence, get enough reviews and make required changes in your tactics.

9. Failure in Converting Visitors into Sales :-

If your visitors are continuously dropping in and out, then your website needs some changes/updates. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you need to find the major reasons behind it which may include any of these-Poor navigation, absence of mobile friendliness, lack of payment options, poor website design, lack of information etc.

Fix the issues as soon as you find them.

10. High Bounce Rate :-

Website bounce rate is roughly connected to your website success. The first thing you need is to understand the average bounce rate of your website and then you need to compare it to the average bounce rates. If you find it higher than the average ones then you need to rectify it.

Final Words

Nowadays 65% of users purchase online which indicates that online merchants have a great potential to gain more customers online and receive huge sales. Start revising your E-commerce marketing strategy today and make the most out of it.

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